Wide Awake U2 Tribute is a tribute band from Phoenix, Arizona that specializes in playing the music of U2. Use this site for information about events, current media and booking.

Wide Awake U2 Tribute Press Kit

Contact Information

Primary Contact: Alan Garcia

Phone: (760) 519-0940

Email: wideawakeinmesa@gmail.com

Website: www.wideawakeu2.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/phxwideawake


Band Bio

Wide Awake U2 Tribute is a band that is passionate about bringing the music of U2 to audiences throughout the world. The members of Wide Awake are Thomas Blanco (Bono), Daniel Dumire (Larry Mullen Jr.), Heather Wannlund (Adam Clayton/Anna Clayton) and Alan Garcia (The Edge). Wide Awake is known for playing the music of U2 with energy, passion and faithfulness to the original sound. This band is a must-see for any U2 fan or lover of music.


Wide Awake U2 Tribute began in September 2014 in Mesa, Arizona. Since then, Wide Awake has played regularly around the Phoenix area at venues ranging in size from small neighborhood pubs to large outdoor festivals. Regardless of the venue, Wide Awake always delivers an unforgettable U2 experience which is indicated by a 5 star rating on Facebook. Wide Awake is continually pushing to be one of the best U2 Tributes in the world, capturing the music, drama and greatness of U2 for local venues and beyond.


Notable Shows/Venues

Ahwatukee Concerts in the Park, October 9, 2016

Ahwatukee Festival of Lights, November 16, 2016

Fibber Magees St. Paddy’s Day Party, March 17, 2017

Odysea Aquarium, June 24, 2017

Cactus Jacks, September 15, 2017

Desert Ridge Marketplace, October 20, 2017

Tempe Marketplace, October 21, 2017

Westgate Entertainment District, November 18, 2017

Marquee Theater, July 21, 2018

Gilbert Off the Street Festival, November 2, 2018

Tucson Saint Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival, March 17, 2019



Song list

I Will Follow // Vertigo // Electric Co // Bad // Unforgettable Fire // Beautiful Day // 40 // Sunday Bloody Sunday // New Year's Day // Pride // Where the Streets Have No Names // Still Haven't Found // With or Without You // Bullet the Blue Sky // Running to Stand Still // In God's Country // Even Better Than the Real Thing // The Fly // Until the End of the World // Desire // Angel of Harlem // Mysterious Ways // Elevation // Out of Control // One // Stay // Gloria // Zoo Station




We are Wide Awake U2 Tribute, Arizona's premier U2 tribute band! For upcoming events and contact info, check out our website (wideawakeu2.com) and/or facebook (facebook.com/phxwideawake). Have a Beautiful Day!
Wide Awake U2 Tribute playing "Where the Streets Have No Names" at the Tucson St. Patrick's Day Parade Festival.
Wide Awake U2 Tribute playing "With or Without You" at the Tucson St. Patrick's Day Parade Festival.
Wide Awake U2 Tribute playing "Beautiful Day" at the Tucson St. Patrick's Day Parade Festival.
Wide Awake U2 Tribute playing "One" at the Tucson St. Patrick's Day Parade Festival.



Basic Stage Set-Up

  1. Lead Vocals- SM58 wireless microphone, straight stand, vocal effects processor (2 XLR inputs, center stage front)

  2. Backing Vocals- Wired Microphone, boom mic stand (XLR input, stage right)

  3. Lead Guitar- Fender Blues Jr. Tweed amp, SM57 microphone, small mic stand, POD HD500X Direct XLR Out (2 XLR inputs, stage right)

  4. Bass- Bass amp with Direct Input capability (XLR input or DI, stage left)

  5. Drums- Mic placement dependent on venue, at minimum a kick and overhead mic (multiple XLR inputs, center stage back)

  6. Background Tracks- Tracks are run out of an auxiliary of our on stage monitor mixer (XLR input stage right)

  7. In-Ear Monitor System- We run our own in-ear monitoring system by splitting signals and inputting them into our mixer

  8. Monitors- 4 stage wedges preferred (one for each band member) as a back-up monitoring source

  9. Power Supply- 4 outlet spaces minimum (if we are providing PA), preferably a power source for each band member on stage

  10. Lighting- Per venue preference; we have lighting rigs if needed

Wide Awake Stage Diagram 1.png